We’re a mid-century modern art space located in historic Coronado neighborhood.

The Hive is a collective: gallery, coffee shop, textiles studio, zine-distro hub, resale boutique and artists’ studios. Our exhibits and offerings change often, so you should stop by whenever you can. And please don’t hesitate to drop us a line with any questions or comments.


the hive show
2016 Coronado Art Show
photo by Al Aguinaga

                                                                           CURRENT EVENTS

Third Friday/April 20

opening night artist’s reception



Ken Van Brott


Ken Van Brott lives quite literally on the very edge of a New Mexican town.  Beyond his fence lies miles of scrub brush,dirt roads, dry creek beds and train tracks. On his walks he finds the discarded objects which are the muses and canvases for his latest work responding to the inhumanity of forced migration and refugee politics.  These works are large, a reflection of the vast and enduring issues surrounding the displacement of humans.



                                                                     UPCOMING EVENTS 

First Friday/May 4


We are an all-in-one art enclave. Named Best of Phoenix in 2017 by The New Times. The Hive Gallery has hosted over 70 unique shows of (mostly) local artists over the past 8 years. 

 We’re all in this Friday.   Buzz Beans will beee open and so will The Bee’s Knee’s resale boutique.Wasted Ink will have a nifty Zinester/Makers’ set up and Jenea and Justin from our newest studio, COMPOSiTE will also be around.

Beat the Downtown crowd, stop by on your way down, you may never leave!



March 2018:

conversations with myself                    The Art of Shachi Kale



February 2018:

Motherland: Portraits of an Epigenetic Inheritance – New Work by Laura Menardi

January 2018:

Trice & Tranquility: Photographs by Adella Helton


Coronado Kids’ Art Show

December 2017 pop-up:

ravage redux 2099

November 2017:

SpanGlish – Work by Jenea y Robert desde the Borderlands


October 2017:

Death Therapy/Cory Slawson/Works on Wood

September 2017: 
Coronado Art Show 2017